3D Animator

The primary role of an 3D Animator is to support the Animation Supervisor in the execution, and delivery of animated shot production. Artist will learn the day to day operations of the animation pipeline on an episodic production. This role requires someone who has some knowledge of the classical animation principles, and a sense of what an animation pipeline is. It also requires a strong working knowledge of Maya. The ideal candidate would be a person that is interested in and proficient at animation, who is also willing to learn the rigors of producing animation on a fast paced production schedule.


  • Interest in a long term career in animation – specifically work as an animator for feature films, animated TV series or video game production.
  • Strong understanding of classic animation principles and demonstrated proficiency in Maya.
  • Proficient with lip-sync and facial animation.
  • Familiarity with rigging of characters.
  • Be able to work well with others and take direction.

Rigging Artist

This position is responsible for character, vehicle, and prop set up and designing rigs that allow for clean interaction during animation.


  • Set-up characters and props with skeletons and deformers.
  • Provide technical direction on models, so that by the time a model reaches the rigging phase it meets the technical requirements needed for the highest level of rigging and skinning.
  • Work closely with Animators to develop rigs that will allow animators the full range of motion and acting that is called for by the story, as well as, a logical and easy to use control structure.
  • Ability to create rigs that allow for a full range of movement, with a logical, easy to use, and well thought out control structure.

3D Generalist

As a 3D Generalist, you will take on a range of tasks and responsibilities on shots and sequences where smaller, flexible teams are a better option than strongly pipelined setups. You will work with the team, leads and supervisors to create great looking feature film VFX shots or animation shots.


  • Ability to execute a broad range of VFX tasks including modeling, texturing, look development, animation and lighting.
  • Production knowledge of the VRay renderers.
  • Expert in using the Maya 3D software. Good to excellent skills in paint and sculpt softwares.
  • Strong sense of composition, light and color.
  • Possess strong technical skills and ability to learn new software quickly.
  • Experience of basic compositing in node-base compositing system.
  • Ability to prioritize and work on multiple tasks at a time while remaining efficient and mindful of strict deadlines in a high pressure environment;

Lighting & Compositing Artist

A Lighting & Compositing artist, under the direction of the department Leads and Supervisors, is responsible for the lighting and rendering of all 3D elements and the final compositing of high quality production shots. The ideal candidate has an excellent understanding of lighting and composition, with a keen eye for detail.


  • Proficiency with Maya and node-base compositing system
  • Demonstrate an excellent understanding of light, colour, contrast and shading
  • A thorough understanding of common compositing practices: color correction, camera movement, transforms, motion blur, depth of field, mattes, multi-channel workflows
  • Excellent communication skills, dedication to responsibilities and attention to detail
  • Ability to take direction, collaborate, and offer solutions with great problem solving skills
  • Strong time management and prioritization skills with the ability to juggle multiple assignments
  • Experience with World Point Pass workflows a plus
  • Experience lighting and rendering with VRAY a plus